As the DeFi industry continues to develop at an exponential rate, this nascent field is also incredibly vulnerable to malicious intentions. With no “textbook” written about many of the new and cutting-edge components of this space, projects find it difficult to ensure that their protocols — and their users — are fully protected against hacks and exploits. It seems that as soon as new technology is developed, hackers find a new way to manipulate it.

Thus, security audits are a vital step in the creation of any project making use of smart contracts. Stela Labs is able to optimally deliver…

Stela Labs offers dual functionalities in auditing and developing smart contracts, particularly those related to Web 3.0. Interested parties are now able to reach out for smart contract auditing on the Advanced Blockchain AG website.

We are pleased to announce the launch of Stela Labs, a new smart contract auditing and development firm from the team at Advanced Blockchain. By both ensuring smart contract security and promoting new blockchain-related developments, Stela Labs helps Advanced Blockchain AG fulfill its overall vision of helping to advance growth and development within the blockchain space.

Stela Labs has a dual-pronged strategy to ensure maximum…

Stela Labs

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