A review of our Audits conducted in response to false claims

Stela Labs
2 min readFeb 22, 2022

It has come to our attention that there have been concerns over a malicious twitter thread within the blockchain space. We do not take lightly to the misinformation of our past audits as the thread inaccurately portrays the timeline and details of our audits in regard to Warp Finance and ForceDAO. The thread also inaccurately attempts to tie our firm and Advanced Blockchain to the exploited code. The thread is salacious and false. We want to take the time to recap and shine light on the work that we have actually done.

Whilst all of this narrative was based of falsified claims, we have broken down systematically how these accusations are not only inaccurate but completely disingenuous to the work and our timeline.

We are breaking down the different components of the false allegations to clarify the misinformation. We are extremely disappointed that it has come to this point as all information we are sharing as proof is readily available to the general public.

False Claim: The Warp Finance protocol was audited by Stela Labs and was exploited, also implicating that Advanced Blockchain was somehow involved in the exploit.

Truth: Stela Labs was only involved in auditing Warp code after the exploits. We conducted our audits on the re-launch of Warp and since the re-launch there have been no exploits.

Truth: Advanced Blockchain extensively supported Warp Finance in securing the network which resulted in the recovery of $5,688,000 of the funds that were hacked. Additionally, the remaining funds that were unable to be recovered were refunded fully.

False Claim: Stela Labs audited ForceDAO code that was exploited.

Truth: Stela Labs did not audit any code from ForceDAO that was exploited. The founder and CEO of ForceDAO himself made a public twitter thread in response to the accusations that clearly showcases how false these claims against Stela Labs and Advanced Blockchain are.

  • Alberto’s Tweets that clearly state the contracts audited were NOT the same as the ones that were exploited”

False Claim: Stela Labs is an inactive auditing firm of Advanced Blockchain AG.

Truth: Stela Labs is an Advanced Blockchain auditing firm, it is however falsely stated that we are inactive since June 2021. We have not released blogs or been active on twitter but we have been actively conducting audits for projects as can be seen here:

We encourage any concerned members to reach out to our team should they require any further clarification.