Introducing Stela Labs: A New Smart Contract Auditing and Development Firm.

Stela Labs
3 min readMar 10, 2021


Stela Labs offers dual functionalities in auditing and developing smart contracts, particularly those related to Web 3.0. Interested parties are now able to reach out for smart contract auditing on the Advanced Blockchain AG website.

We are pleased to announce the launch of Stela Labs, a new smart contract auditing and development firm from the team at Advanced Blockchain. By both ensuring smart contract security and promoting new blockchain-related developments, Stela Labs helps Advanced Blockchain AG fulfill its overall vision of helping to advance growth and development within the blockchain space.

Stela Labs has a dual-pronged strategy to ensure maximum protocol security and efficacy.

While smart contract auditing firms are incredibly important, we intend to do more than simply audit smart contract codes. First, Stela Labs will function to secure our client’s existing smart contracts through auditing and resolving any identified issues. Second, the firm will function to assist our clients in the creation of secure and innovative new developments for new and existing blockchain protocols.

To fulfill these functions, we are bringing together a diverse and experienced team of blockchain pioneers and engineers. With real-world experience and expertise about security issues that have impacted other blockchain-based projects, our team implements a comprehensive smart contract auditing and protocol building strategy that not only aims to make the projects it undertakes more secure, but also more useful and impactful.

Stela Labs is focused on supporting Web 3.0-related projects.

Particularly, we are interested in helping projects that utilize the Polkadot and Ethereum blockchains. These blockchains are of significant interest to Stela Labs, as they are two of the largest and most innovative blockchains in the decentralized finance (DeFi) space.

Stela Labs is especially interested in working with ink! smart contracts and projects that have been built on Substrate. These types of projects are infrastructures operating in conjunction with the Polkadot blockchain; Substrate is the blockchain framework created by Parity that forms the basis of Polkadot, and ink! is Parity’s manner of writing user friendly, concise, and efficient smart contracts for Substrate-based blockchains. Projects incorporating ink! and Substrate are presently on the cutting edge of the DeFi and blockchain industries.

Thus far, Stela Labs has performed security audits for the Fractal, Warp, and ForceDAO protocols:

Fractal ( is an open-sourced fair data exchange and advertising platform.

We are currently accepting new clients for security auditing.

Projects may now start reaching out to Advanced Blockchain AG for security reviews. Interested parties should refer to the Stela Labs website:

Additional information on Stela Labs and Advanced Blockchain AG can be found at